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Application of roll forming machine in construction industry

With the development of China’s science and technology and the scale of various industries in the society, various profiles with thickness and complex cross-sectional shapes and various materials of different materials are now more and more used in all aspects of society, However, it is difficult to produce this kind of section steel with traditional hot rolling method, and the appearance of cold roll forming technology can solve this problem well.


The flatness, appearance, size and other aspects of the cold-formed products can be adjusted according to the demand. At the same time, the cold-formed steel production process can save 15-30% of the metal in terms of materials, with less investment and flexible production. Therefore, cold-formed steel has become an irresistible trend.

If the construction machinery‘s market is a new blue ocean, then re-manufacturing is the most dazzling pearl in the blue ocean. Different from simple maintenance and renovation, re-manufacturing refers to the repair and replacement of easily worn and damaged parts of cold bending machine products, so as to change the old into the new.

The cold-formed section steel mainly includes cold-formed thin-walled C-section steel, inner crimping C-section steel (commonly used for support), cold-formed Z-section steel, cold-formed U-section steel (different from hot-rolled channel steel), round pipe, rectangular pipe and special-shaped steel pipe, etc., which has the advantages of reasonable section shape, light weight, high strength, low energy consumption and high yield in production.

Therefore, in construction engineering, the use of cold-formed steel is conducive to improving the comprehensive economic benefits, reducing the weight of buildings and shortening the construction period. In addition, the application of cold-formed steel in automobile manufacturing is more and more. Most of minibuses are made of special-shaped open section steel, such as windows, rain gutters and seat pulleys; Most buses are made of closed rectangular steel; Most freight cars use open cold-formed steel; Special purpose vehicles, such as fire engines, mostly use square rectangular and special-shaped cold-formed steel. Therefore, its development trend is obvious.

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