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Bracing Roll Forming Line

Product Introduction

TF Bracing roll forming line
PROFILE DRAWINGS: (the detailed profile drawing should be signed by customer, refer to attached draw)

Technical requirement for the machine:

1. The machine Vibration is normal, the noise of producing will less than 85 dB;
2. Hydraulic element hydraulic station should be working under normal use &maintenance status according to the manual required, we promise they are no leaking and natural damage
3. Welding requirement: all welding part is evenly, it is connected with the base smoothly, we also
Polish the surface, make the surface beautiful;
4. All the welding part should be treated with anneal, it can eliminate the internal stress of the welding,
It can promise it is with high strength and stable;
5. The whole line surface will be painted with anti-rust oil during making、assembly、delivery;
6. The painting color of production line will be painted by customer’s requirement.
7. All bearings use China brand; the guarantee period is one year.


bracing roll forming line4

bracing roll forming line5


2.1 Feeding Width About 130mm
2.2 Rolling Thickness 1.0-2.0mm
2.3 Rolling Materials Galvanized coil or carbon steel
2.4 Outer coil diameter ≤Φ1500mm
2.5 Inner coil diameter Φ508mm
2.6 Weight of Coil ≤3T
2.7 Forming Steps About 12 sets of rollers
2.8 Material of Rollers Cr12, HRC 60-62
2.9 Line Speed 10 pieces/min (based on length is 1000mm)
2.10 Allocated space 21m*2.2m*2m (L*W*H)
2.11 Yield Strength 235MPa
2.12 Accuracy of length ±0.5mm
2.13 Tolerance between holes ±0.5mm

bracing roll forming line6

The quality requirement and suitable environment of production line

The production line adopts new components, each component use high quality material, assorted machine, hydraulic system and electrical control system use advanced and reliable brand.
Each unit of production line is running reliable, long use and convenient operation and maintenance can be insured, requirements working environment as below:
Ambient temperature: 2℃~45℃
Power supply: 380V(±10%),50HZ, 3Ph
Compressed air: 0.5~0.6MPa

bracing roll forming line7

bracing roll forming line8

Uncoiling →feeding guider → oil lubrication →roll forming with logo stamping →punching and cutting →discharging

bracing roll forming line9


Name of Each Part Quantity Power Instruction
Hydraulic Decoiler 1.5KW 3T, coils
Feeding Guider
Leveling Device 3KW With 2 pairs of guiding roller and 5 leveling rollers, up 2, down 3.
Oil lubrication
Roll Forming M/C About 22KW 12 sets of rollers.
 Hydraulic press 1 set 4 set cutting tools
Punching and cutting device 1 set
Run out Table
Hydraulic Station 5.5KW Single circuit
PLC Control System

bracing roll forming line10


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