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Customized Cold Form Metal Profile

Section steel customization

The company not only has a technical team that has been engaged in design and development for many years and has rich manufacturing experience but also has Ø 50、 Ø 60、 Ø More than 80 high precision cold forming production lines and presses.

TF Ø 80 cold-formed steel production line, can produce thick section cold-formed steel production line, the product maximum section of 500mm, the height of 350mm, the thickness of 8mm, can produce strength of 750MPa low alloy high strength cold-formed steel. It is a piece of special equipment for the production of cold-formed section steel in metallurgy, construction, transportation machinery, vehicles, and other industries. It uses a hot-rolled strip as raw material to produce cold-formed section steel of required specifications utilizing roll forming. The main products are cold-formed steel sheet pile, automobile beam, U-shaped rib for cable tray steel box beam, train box beam, and other large cold-formed open-ended steel units with high strength, high weather resistance. The product quality can refer to international gb6723 and international ISO standards. The production line has 18 universal forming frames with uniform deformation, advanced forming technology, high product precision, and small residual stress. The electric adopts the European automatic control mode, with high synchronous precision, safety, and reliability, and the annual processing capacity can reach 150000 tons.

TF Ø The unit has a compact structure and strong versatility. It is specialized in producing all kinds of complex cross-section, thin-wall cold-formed steel: C, Z, U-shaped steel, solar-powered support photovoltaic, inner flanging C-shaped steel, and related products with complete specifications. It is widely used in steel structure workshops, photo-voltaic support, railway, highway, power plant, and other fields. The materials are q195-q235, Q235B, Q345B. There are hot-dip galvanizing, painting, and other processes. The production operations are all indoor operations. The production equipment constantly updated and independently researched and developed every year is leading the world level, which makes our products continuously improve in production capacity and quality, to keep up with the market demand.


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