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Electrical Cabinet Door Panel Production Line

Equipment overview:

TF Electrical Cabinet Door Panel Production Line is used to produce low-voltage distribution cabinet column. The production line has the functions of butt welding, punching, forming, seaming, fixed length cutting and detection. It can solve many industry problems such as punching deformation, inconsistent accuracy of different face positions, non-detection of dense punching, fluctuation of material properties and size fluctuation, etc. It can make the comprehensive accuracy of products reach (+0.5) and able to meets customers’ accuracy requirements.


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TF Power Cabinet Column Cold Roll Forming Production Line

TF35 *28 power cabinet column production line is automated integrated equipment of electrical control, uncoiler, leveler, shearing &butt welding machine (simple), servo feeding system, punch, positioning and guiding group, rolling forming, calibration, cutting off, bilateral discharging etc. It is required that on-line notching and punching should be completed at one time, then to carry out the roll forming production line of packing and stacking pillars, the production speed of the whole line is about 2-8 m/min, the shape tolerance of the product is (+0.5 mm), and the servo feeding accuracy is (+0.15 mm). Short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current and phase-gap protection functions can automatically detect and record saw blade cutting times, punching times, servo motor temperature alarm, air pressure, lubrication and refueling can be displayed on touch screen. When a fault occurs, it automatically sends out sound and light alarm, displays the fault location and fault treatment method, goes beyond the scope, and stops automatically.

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Technical parameters:

No. Items Unit Specification notes
1 Raw material Steel type Q235
Strength MPa ≤195
Thickness mm 1.25mm
Inner dia. mm3 300
Weight T 2
2 Specification mm 380~530mm
3 Linear speed m/min 8
4 Roller material D15 quenching treatment
5 Drives type External chain transmission
6 Operation system Windows2000
7 General power Kw Approx. 11KW
8 Control system Plc automatic control
9 Out size (L*W*H) m  24*4.5*2.5

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