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How to understand and solve the problem of cold roll forming machine failure

There are many problems in the design and production of cold roll forming machines that have yet to be solved, and these problems are often found only in the Adjusting and production process. Taking the forming of a wide-section thin plate as an example, if the design is unreasonable, deformation defects such as edge waves, pocket waves, longitudinal roll forming, corner wrinkles, cracks and distortions will occur during the commissioning process. Redesigning and processing the roll after a problem occurs will inevitably cause a great waste of resources such as manpower and material resources.


If you can understand the mechanism of these defects, try to avoid these defects in the design process, or make reasonable improvements to the roll on the original basis after the defects appear, so as to reduce or eliminate these defects, and you can still achieve the expected roll design. Goals. Here are a few common problems and solutions:

There are many reasons for the longitudinal roll forming of the cold roll forming machine. One of the most important reasons is that the edge of the section is subjected to tension when the side is bent, trying to stretch the entire section in the longitudinal direction, but the tension is insufficient In order to lengthen the entire rigid section, and the front end of the rolled piece will bend upward or downward.

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