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Metal Profile For Electrical Industry

Electrical profiles

Electrical profiles produced by roll forming lines can be applied to various cabinets in the electrical industry, guide rails in the elevator industry, wire channels, cable tray, cable ladders, bus bars for electrical installation, etc. Those cold-formed profiles including wire channels, cable tray frames, cable ladders, bus bars, etc. have good straightness, precise punching holes, and easy arrangement. The profile has high strength and good load-bearing performance.

High-Precision cold-formed electrical equipment cabinet structure profiles are widely used in PLC, GCO, GHK, GBD, and non-standard electrical control cabinets, distribution cabinets, and other electrical-related industries.metal profile for electrical industry5

metal profile for electrical industry6

metal profile for electrical industry7

metal profile for electrical industry8

metal profile for electrical industry10

Those profiles are mainly used to control and distribute electrical equipment and protect line overload, short circuits, and leakage. Installed in various places, such as schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, families, etc.

metal profile for electrical industry11


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