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Photovoltaic Welding Tube Production Line

Product Introduction

Photovoltaic welding tube production line consists of decoiler, spiral loop, automatic puncher, high-frequency welding machine and tracking flying cutter. The production speed can reach 20m/min. The products produced by this line, have advantages of high accuracy and high speed.

It is used to support and release the coil. The frame is welding by H-beam, with a brake device. The arm is expanded by a hydraulic system, with double arms could be load coil roll one by one, it will save coil roll changing time.

photovoltaic welding tube production line4

photovoltaic welding tube production line5

Used for cut and weld coils between head and tails of both coil rolls automatically, to reducing the feeding and adjusting time for the new coil when it begins to go through the machine. It adopts pneumatic pressing and cutting, argon-arc welding. No need for welding wire. Weld without subsequent processing. The welding tip is driven by a stepping motor. It is controlled by a microcomputer, welding automatically. Pressing and cutting are manually controlled.

photovoltaic welding tube production line6

Storage material and not stop production. It includes a rotary device, outer and inner cage, storage plate, pinching device, driver, and electrical control system.
The length could be sent very precisely, it consists of a pinch roller, levelling rollers power unit, servo drives system, etc. The vertical location roller is mounted on the entering part suitable for different widths.

photovoltaic welding tube production line8

The roll forming craft is designed by a trained and experienced professional technician, with import COPRA software design in Germany, verify and FEA analysis, rollers adopt combinatorial structure, speed difference and roll forming resistance is small, can make sure the precision and stability. Shaft adapts well carbon steel and tempering and hardening process to make sure profile precision, CNC processing make sure machining precision, the surface is polished.photovoltaic welding tube production line7


Num. Item Unit Parameters Remark
1 Suitable material Type S355JR
strength MPa 350Mpa.
Thickness mm 2.0mm
Coil internal diameter mm Φ508mm
Coil weight T ≤3T
2 Specification mm 40-50
3 Line speed m/min 20m/min (it will not stop or decrease speed)
4 Roller material Cr12, Hardness HRC58-62, surface polishing treatment.
5 Roller driven type External chain transmission
6 Operating system Windows2000
7 Total motor power Kw about 80KW (exclude welding system)
8 Electric control system PLC automatic control system
9 Dimension(L*W*H) m

photovoltaic welding tube production line9


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