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TF Carriage Plate Production Line

Equipment overview:

TF carriage plate production line, consists of loading car, un-coiler, leveler, overturn supporting rack, feeding guider, roll forming machine, tracking spot welding, final profile straightener, flying saw, telescopic rack, electric control system. Line production speed can reach 5-15m/Min. It can switch products’ specifications quickly. Different profiles can be produced in the line conveniently, which can also provide the no-stop online welding for closed profiles.


Uncoiling- leveling- overturn supporting – feeding guiding- roll forming- tracking spot welding- straightening- saw cutting- discharging

tf carriage plate production line6

tf carriage plate production line3


1. Different profiles could be produced in line conveniently with customized solution.
2. Roll former adopts three phases AC motor drive main reducer, installed in the middle of roll former. Drive transmission box in serial, pass power to roll forming unit shafts through shaft joint. There are up and down synchronize gear at necessary steps.
Transmission mode: Main motor→ gear reducer→ transmission umbrella gear→ shaft joint→ torri down shaft
3. The roll forming craft is made by the special Germany cold roll forming program COPRA; the craft is also made the FEA analysis and check. The structure of the rollers is combined, so the line speed difference and resisting force of roll forming is small. The sheet is easy to feed. All these assure the accuracy and stable of the roll forming.

tf carriage plate production line4

Technical parameter

Num. Item Unit Parameters Remark
1 Suitable material Type CR,HR Sheet; Stainless steel
strength MPa ≤350
Thickness mm 1.2-2.0
Coil internal diameter mm 500,600
Coil weight T 10
2 Specification mm Max. 1220
3 Line speed m/min 15
4 Roller material Cr12
5 Roller driven type Gearbox
6 Operating system Tianfon TFAI in line punching cold roll forming control system V1.0
7 Total motor power Kw
8 Electric control system PLC automatic control system
9 Dimension(L*W*H) m 50X2X1.7

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