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TF Container House Beams Roll Forming Line

1. Main technical parameters of production line
1.1 rolling material: sgh340 galvanized sheet
1.2 thickness of rolled material: 2.0 mm
1.3 rolled material width: About 260mm
1.5 coil inner diameter: Ф 508mm
1. 6 outer diameter of steel coil: ≤ Ф 1600mm
1.7 steel belt weight: ≤ 3T

2. Production line quality requirements and environmental adaptability
2.1 the production line shall be composed of brand-new equipment, all parts shall be made of high-quality materials, and the supporting mechanical, hydraulic, electrical components and control system shall be advanced, high-quality and reliable products.
2.2 Each equipment unit of the production line shall ensure stable and reliable operation, durable and convenient operation and maintenance.tf container house beams roll forming line5

tf container house beams roll forming line6

3. Production process:
Uncoiling → guiding → forming → cutting → discharging

tf container house beams roll forming line44. Equipment composition:

(1) Hydraulic Un-coiler 1 set
(2) Guiding Device 1 set
(3) Leveling Device 1 set
(4)Roll-Forming M/C 1 set
(5)Hydraulic cutting Device 1 set
(6) Run out table. 1 set
(7) Hydraulic system 1 set
(8) PLC Control System 1 set

tf container house beams roll forming line7

5. Description of Roll forming machine
Roller: Roll adopts the composite structure, speed tolerance and forming resistance is small, abrasion on the surface of a steel plate. High quality bearing steel, after quenching, precision CNC lathe machining, surface hard chromium plating, polishing mirror, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, long service life.

tf container house beams roll forming line8

The program of the roller’s design is quality and use imported Germany COPRA software. It is designed by the computer, and has FEA analysis. The roller adopts combination structure, so the speed difference and roll forming resistance is very little, which can promise the product precision. The material is alloy steel, and quenches totally to increase the hardness, and has polishing treatment on the roller surface.

TF production Line for modular container house profile can roll from the profiles for modular
container house such as top beam,bottom beam,up rights,gutter and so on.The production Lines equipped with de—coiler,press punching,So it organizes all the process from uncoiling, punching, roll forming and cutting off at one production Line.


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