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TF Noise-Barrier Panel Auto-Punchng & Roll Forming Line

Product Introduction

This line is placed with decoiler, servo feeder, punch, guider, roll former, hydraulic shape cutter, discharging craft, hydraulic station, and electric control system. It has the character of reasonable structure, convenient operation, reliable and short production process and products with wide use.

The decoiler adopts signal arm hydraulic tension structure, tension core is tension & shrink by hydraulic cylinder. Reducer provides uncoiling power, can uncoiling & releasing automatically, provide a panel for a loop. A pneumatic braking device also achieves tension control.tf noise barrier panel auto punchng & roll forming line4All transmission parts are in the decoiler frame, wholly separated from the outside, if decoiler tension or pressing arm up & down, please don’t close the arc panel which used to support panel to against hurt.
Levelling machine adopts five rollers type initiative leveller, consists of pinch, levelling rollers and in-out guiding rollers, pinch rollers could be separately adjusted, levelling up rollers adopts whole structure, there are two adjusting points before and after, could form certain decline angle, convenient to improve levelling quality

tf noise barrier panel auto punchng & roll forming line5

Up pinch roller and levelling roller adopt worm gear deputy series hoisting device to go up and down at the same time. There are one pair of guiding rollers and two guiding vertical rollers at the in& out ends of the leveller, guiding vertical rollers could centring move at the same time. Hand wheel adjusted, with the rule, convenient to centring.
The servo-electric part is mainly controlled by PLC, touch screen set data, servo feeding length, button operation.

tf noise barrier panel auto punchng & roll forming line6

Separates machine parts and electrical materials (remote control, shields, cable, etc.). To separate different materials, such as a motor (including copper), metal parts (steel materials, etc.), plastic materials, etc. In short, is the classification of demolition. All of them should be sent to the sorts waste treatment centre.


Num. Item Unit Parameters Remark
1 Suitable material Type galvanized coil
strength MPa ≤235
Thickness mm
Coil internal diameter mm


Coil weight T 5T


2 Specification mm 165
3 Line speed m/min 20
4 Roller material GCr15
5 Roller driven type External chain transmission
6 Operating system Windows2000
7 Total motor power Kw About 11
8 Electric control system PLC automatic control system
9 Dimension(L*W*H) m


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