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TF Silo Roof Panel Roll Forming Line

Equipment overview:

TF steel silo corrugated panel mainly used for external wall panel of fabricated steel structure warehouse, this machine is easy to operate with high precision, easy installation, best bearing. Etc.


(1) Uncoiler with loading car 1set
(2) Guiding device 1set
(3) Leveling device 1set
(4) Guiding device 1set
(5) Lubrication device 1set
(6) Roll-Forming M/C 1set
(7) shearing and Recoiling scrap edge devices 2sets
(8) Combination punch 1set
(9) Cutting device 1set
(10) Stacker 1set
(11) Conveyor 1set
(12) curving machine 1set
(13) Product rack 1set
(14)Hydraulic System 1set
(15)Electric Control System 1set
(16) Safety device 1set

tf silo roof panel roll forming line 3

Loading—uncoiling—-Guiding device →leveling device →guiding device →lubrication →Roll forming (including edge cutting and recoiling) → combination Punching →cutting →conveyor → stacking→ curving → final product

tf silo roof panel roll forming line 4Specification

TF silo plate roll forming line
Each component of the production line ensures stable and reliable running, durable, convenient operation & maintenance. The human-computer interface adjusts the arc radius. The equipment with high flexibility could set the parameters to control punching positions and quantities, workpiece length, arc radius. Produced profiles with high precision. Corrugation size and curving radius arc with high accuracy uniformity, fully meet the multi-point connection assembly requirement.


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