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TF Upright Roll Forming Line

Product Introduction

TF Upright Roll Forming Line
This line has auto flow production functions of uncoiling, butt-welding, leveling, servo feeding, punching, roll forming and track cutting etc. Punching, roll forming and cutting can be combined perfectly. One operator could run the whole line. The final products have high precision and good quality appearance. With a short producing assistance time, the equipment can stay stable in producing. The production speed can reach 20m/min.

tf upright roll forming line4

Equipment overview:

The rollers’ support is a whole one, all the dimensions is processed by machining center. The distance (space) between top & bottom rollers is adjusted by eccentric sleeve on the top roller shaft.
Shelf Standard、Heavy-duty Rack Roll Forming Line , it is widely used in storage、logistic、big supermarket and supermarket chain store, the straightness of the profile is good. Punching online, the precision of the punch is high, it is convenient for the rack installation.

Num. Item Unit Parameters Remark
1 Suitable material Type Q235
strength MPa
Thickness mm 1—2.5mm
Coil internal diameter mm 500mm
Coil weight T 3
2 Specification mm 550
3 Line speed m/min 22
4 Roller material D2 quenching treatment
5 Roller driven type External chain transmission
6 Operating system Windows2000
7 Total motor power Kw About22
8 Electric control system PLC automatic control system
9 Dimension(L*W*H) m

tf upright roll forming line5

Function and Structure

Function: It is used to roll form the upright.
Structure: To use independent stand structure (raft structure) for high accurate roll forming and stable roll forming. It consists of frame, forming base, main motor, gear reducer motor, transmission box etc.
1. Forming Base
The forming base welded by the H-beam steel,after stress relieving,the assemble  table milled by the  machining center, it can assure the long time usage and without dimension deformation , the adjusting bolt is mounted under of machine base, the main machine adopts quickchange structure , the bolt location will assure cassettes located correctly.

2. Frame
The shafts adopt assembly roller sets structure, high stiffness. The bottom shaft is located by fixed round holes, upper shaft is located by slide groove. The shaft adopts well carbon steel and fine machining process to make sure assembling precision. Bearings are installed at the end of shafts, and it was located in the bearing block. The whole parts are fixed in slide way, the space between upper & bottom rollers are adjusted through screwed rod.

3. Rollers
Rollers adopt combinatorial structure, speed difference and roll forming resistance is small, can make sure the precision and stability. Each rollers, split covers has own special label, so as to adjust easily, it adopts well carbon steel and tempering and hardening process to make sure profile precision. CNC processing make sure machining precision, the surface is polished, with chrome on the surface.

4. Transmission System
The Roll forming M/C adopts three phase motor (50Hz/380V)driving main reducer motor which is installed in the middle part of roll forming M/C. Main reducer motor drive transmission box, the power is transmitted to the upper and lower shafts by clutch. Upper and lower synchronous gear are installed on the necessary rollers.

tf upright roll forming line6

Transmission mode:
Main motor →gear reducer →bevel gear transmission →coupling → lower shafts

tf upright roll forming line9

Roll Forming Craft:
The roll forming craft is designed by trained and experienced professional technician, with Germany import COPRA software design, verify and FEA analysis, CNC processing make sure machining precision, the surface is polished.

tf upright roll forming line8

Profile Changing:
To produce different specification profiles precisely and conveniently, this line adopts quick change (cassette) design, to roll forming these 2 profiles.
Quick change unit is install and fix 4 or 5 steps tori on one cassette (the two surface of the cassette are leveling processed by machining center), roll forming steps and distance between them distributed reasonable, each cassette has lifting device.

tf upright roll forming line7

Transmission shaft and transmission box are connected with quick connection device; the quick change unit and roll forming machine can be separated with unlocking the twist lock and moving out the shaft joint. When the profiles need to be changed, quick change unit are changed through moving the former one out and install the new one through locating the pyramid installation structure precisely.

Power 22KW*2
Speed About 0-20m/min
Number of steps About 22 steps, with some assistant rollers.
Material of rollers Cr12, HRC58-62, quenching
Diameter of shaft s Φ90mm
Material of Shafts 45#
Horizontal Distance between shafts About 380-550mm


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