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TF25-200X Cable Ladder Forming Line

Product Introduction

TF25-200X cable ladder forming line TF25-200X cable ladder forming line has the following functions: uncoiling, leveling feeding, pre-punching and cutting, forming, post punching, shearing and discharging. The profiles could be changed through adjust feeding width, replacing the punching tools, adjusting the roll split sleeve etc. The production line has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple and convenient operation, safety and reliability, short producing process and wide use of products etc.

The quality requirement and suitable environment of production line

The production line adopts new components, each component use high quality material, assorted machine, hydraulic system and electrical control system use advanced and reliable brand.
Each unit of production line is running reliable, long use and convenient operation and maintenance can be insured, requirements working environment as below:
Ambient temperature: 2℃~45℃
Power supply: 380V(±10%),50HZ, 3Ph
Compressed air: 0.5~0.6MPa

tf25 200x cable ladder forming line5


Un-Coiler → Servo feeding and leveling →Pre punching → Roll Forming →Punching and cutting→ run out table

tf25 200x cable ladder forming line4


2.1 Feeding Width 280mm
2.2 Rolling Materials Q195Mpa,cold rolled coil
2.3 Rolling Thickness 1.2-2.5mm
2.4 Weight of Coil ≤3T
2.5 Inner Diameter of Coil Φ508mm
2.6 Outer Diameter of coil ≤Φ1500mm
2.7 Accuracy of Length ±2.0mm
2.8 Number of Rolling Steps About 12 steps, with some assistant rollers
2.9 Material of Rollers Cr12, quenching treatment, HRC58-62
2.10 Line speed 10 pieces//min(include punching speed)


Name of Each Part Quantity Introduction
Hydraulic Decoiler 1 set 3T
Servo leveling and feeding 1 set
Pre-punchand cut device 1 set
Roll Forming M/C 1 set
Run out table
Hydraulic system
PLC Control System

Roll Forming M/C

Function: It is used to roll form the box beam.
Structure: To use independent stand structure (raft structure) for high accurate roll forming and stable roll forming. It consists of forming base, Frame, rollers, transmission system etc.
1. Forming Base
The forming base welded by the H-beam steel. After stress relieving, the assemble table milled by the machining center, it can assure the long time usage and without dimension deformation, the adjusting bolt is mounted under of machine base.
2. Frame
The shafts adopt assembly roller sets structure, high stiffness. The bottom shaft is located by fixed round holes, upper shaft is located by slide groove. The shaft adopts well carbon steel and fine machining process to make sure assembling precision. Bearings are installed at the end of shafts, and it was located in the bearing block. The whole parts are fixed in slide way, the space between upper & bottom rollers are adjusted through screwed rod.
3. Rollers
Rollers adopt combinatorial structure, speed difference and roll forming resistance is small, can make sure the precision and stability. Each roller, split covers has own special label, so as to adjust easily, it adopts well carbon steel and tempering and hardening process to make sure profile precision. CNC processing make sure machining precision, the surface is polished, with chrome on the surface.
4. Transmission System
Transmission mode: Main motor→gear reducer motor→ transmission box → clutch →bottom roller shaft.
Roll Forming craft:

The roll forming craft is designed by trained and experienced professional technician, with Germany import COPRA software design, verify and FEA analysis, CNC processing make sure machining precision, the surface is polished.

Line Speed 0-15m/min
Number of steps 12 steps, with some assistant rollers
Material of rollers Cr12, quenching treatment, HRC58-62
Material of Shafts 45#


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