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TF78-626 (Kkd) Piling Automatic Production Line

Equipment overview:

TF piling sheet line adopts quick-change cassettes structure, which means one machine can produce 8 profiles, with the advantages of high speed and automation.


Coil Width Max. about 800—2000mm
Suitable Coil Thickness 3.5-8.0mm
Suitable Raw Materials yield strength≤350Mpa
Inner diameter of coil φ762mm
Outer diameter of coil ≤φ1000~2000mm
Oil weight ≤20T
Diagonal tolerance after cutting ≤±1mm/m
Length tolerance after cutting ≤±1mm/m
Production line speed 15-20m/min
Compressed air pressure=0.4-0.6MPa
Total power about 350KW
The floor area of the whole line about 33m*9.0m
Line working direction from left to right (face to worktable)

Working flow chart

Loading coil—Uncoiling – guiding device—leveling—cutting—conveyor roller—roll forming–product

tf78 626 (kkd) piling automatic production line4


Loading Car 1set
Hydraulic Un-coiler 1set
Guiding device 1set
Leveling device 1set
Cutting device 1set
Lift platform 1set
Feeding device 1set
Roll-Forming M/C 1set
Product Rack 1set
Hydraulic System 1set
PLC Control System 1set
Safety Barrier system 1set

Description of Roll forming machine

The support frame (raft) is cast (is tempered) and the base frame is welded and stress relieving annealing.
The roll forming machine adopts independent raft structure, and the transmission is the universal shaft.
The guiding device use the quality carbon steel rolls.

tf78 626 (kkd) piling automatic production line2

The bottom shaft is located by the fixed round holes, the top shaft is located by the sliding way. The support frame (raft) on the transmission side is fixed and the other raft can be take off when assembling the rollers. The removable raft is located by the sliding key on the bottom of the raft, so the location of the rollers can be accurate after every changes of the rollers. All the operation is easy and quick.

tf78 626 (kkd) piling automatic production line3

The program of the roller’s design is quality and uses imported German COPRA software. It is designed by the computer and has FEA analysis. The roller adopts a combination structure, so the speed difference and roll forming resistance is very little, which can promise the product precision. The material is alloy steel, and quenches totally to increase the hardness, and has polishing treatment on the roller surface.
Material roller: D2 (Cr12MoV), quenching. HRC58-62, hard chromize plating.

The space between top and bottom rollers adjusted by screw shaft, braced by Nut.


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