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The Busbar Enclosure Roll Forming Line

Product Introduction

The production speed of this line can reach 35m/min, and the size tolerance is ±0.2mm and length tolerance is ±0.15mm. The line is with the protection functions of short-circuit, over load, overvoltage, overflow, default phase, and has the monitoring functions of temperature, hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, sheet location, motor speed and safety. It will alarm and show location and handing method when error happens.

The quality requirement and suitable environment of production line

The production line adopts new components, each component uses high quality material, assorted machine, hydraulic system and electrical control system use advanced and reliable brand.
Each unit of production line is running reliable, long use and convenient operation and maintenance can be insured, requirements working environment as below:
Ambient temperature: -2℃~50℃
Power supply: 15V(±10%),50HZ, 3Ph
Compressed air: 0.6~0.8MPa

the busbar enclosure roll forming line4


Un-Coiler → peeler table → Leveling → loop 1 → shear and welder Before 463 mm Guiding So That Total 1 Meter Length →Servo Feeding → Punching → Loop 2→ Quick Changing Roll Forming →Straightener(Gasparini design )→ Hydraulic Cutting → Automatic Discharging

the busbar enclosure roll forming line6


Name of Each Part Qty. Power(KW) Introduction
Hydraulic Decoiler 1 set 2.2 KW 5T, with AC motor + inverter
Peeler table 1 set
Leveling Device 1set 3 7 leveling rollers, with AC motor + inverter
Loop 1 1set 4 Sets Sensors, with manual moving table
Shear and Butt Welding Device 1set
Servo Feeding Device 1 set Approx7.5 KW Around 400mm long
Punching Machine 1 set 18.5KW 200T, 70 times/min
Loop 2 1 set 4 Sets Sensors, manual moving table
Oil-Spraying Lubrication 1 set For molds
Punching Die 1 set Cr12MoV – D2 +Ti coating
Oiling System 1 set For roll forming machine
Feeding & Guiding Device 1 set
Roll Forming M/C 22KW*2 20/16 steps
Straightening Device
Hydraulic Cutting Device 3.5/7.5 No Stop cutting
Automatic Discharge With Lateral push
Hydraulic Station Hydraulic Pressure: 16MPa
Pneumatic System Pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
PLC Control System Control the whole line

General parts brand of machine

Name Brand Country of origin
Main motor for roll former ABB Switzerland
Other AC motor JIN TAIXIN China
PLC Schneider France
Touch screen Schneider France
Servo motor for Saw PHASE China
Hydraulic pump QIDONG China

the busbar enclosure roll forming line7


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