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Zt24 Anode Collecting Plate Roll Forming Line

Product Introduction

This line is placed with decoiler, servo feeder, lubrication device, notching device, puncher, guider, roll former, hydraulic shape cutter, discharging craft, hydraulic station, and electric control system. It has the character of reasonable structure, convenient operation, reliable and short production process, and products with wide use.

The decoiler is used to support the expansion of the steel coil and coil. It adopts the non-dynamic double support structure, and the connecting rod drives the connecting rod to tighten the inner wall of the material coil. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient.zt24 anode collecting plate roll forming line4zt24 anode collecting plate roll forming line5

The guiding device is mainly composed of a horizontal idler and a guiding vertical wheel. The guide wheel can be easily adjusted to adapt to the sheet width.
Function and structure: two sets of C-shaped punching devices are used to punch out the notches on both sides, and the position of the notches is detected when cutting.

zt24 anode collecting plate roll forming line3

PLC controls the operation of the whole line, automatic length measurement, fixed-length cutting, with automatic speed regulation function, man-machine interface, touch screen control, length can be set freely on the touch screen, the operation is simple and easy to understand. The peripheral connection of the control line adopts an aviation socket or quick plug, which is convenient for disassembly and high reliability.

Technical parameters:

Num. Item Unit Parameters Remark
1 Suitable material Type SPCC
strength MPa ≤350
Thickness mm 1.2~1.5
Coil internal diameter mm 500,600
Coil weight T 5
2 Specification mm 100-320
3 Line speed m/min 10
4 Roller material D2 quenching treatment
5 Roller driven type External chain transmission
6 Operating system Windows2000
7 Total motor power Kw About 15
8 Electric control system PLC automatic control system
9 Dimension(L*W*H) m


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